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Web designing is the first step of taking your business online. With a user-friendly and engaging website, you can feature all the products and services to a larger audience which is otherwise not possible through brick-and-mortar shop outlets. Web designing is not just about choosing a theme and updating it on a development platform, but it takes expert minds and their experience in creating the most reliable and attractive online space for a business.

At Door to Digital, you will have a team of web designers and developers who can create stunning websites with the best features installed, along with mobile applications for improved brand awareness and reach.

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User-friendly Interface

Of the many typical elements of website development, the most significant is a user-friendly interface. The first thing your potential user will involuntarily seek is a website easy to use and access. Our skilled and experienced developers understand their needs and develop a framework that fits well with users’ expectations.

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Responsive Website

Today, a larger population is using mobile phones to find various products and services. So if you don’t have a mobile-responsive website, you are missing out on a crucial audience. D2D’s UI/UX designers develop websites considering the favorable fonts, layouts, images, and other elements for the mobile view of your website.

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Mobile App Development

Owning a mobile application makes it easier and faster to reach more number of users, especially if you have an eCommerce business. Let our software developers create cost-efficient applications for both Android and iOS platforms using agile methodologies and maintaining sheer flexibility while working on the best software development platforms.

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Sleek graphic design

The designers at task to render your website an attractive and engaging appearance work endlessly to create layouts that become the face of your online business. The graphic designing of the site is planned based on your goals and objectives, ensuring it speaks for your brand through the colors and patterns.

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100% Zapier Compliant

D2D develops web and mobile applications that are Zapier compliant. Zapier is an automation tool that connects different apps and technologies to automate tasks and help in creating a smooth workflow. When you hire our software developers, you can stay rest assured of linking the website or application to other online platforms or CMSs. Door to Digital takes care of everything!

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Material Designing

Our web designers keep up with the latest design tools and technologies, one of which is material design. Through material designing, we give your websites and applications a natural feel and look across multiple devices, such as computer, tablet and mobile phones. It makes the UI more attractive, appealing as it renders the real world feel to the objects, patterns and layouts.

  • Attractive design and better UI experience
  • Reduces the heavy files and codes for better site performance
  • Element of Flexibility
  • Ideal design system for mobile apps

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